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How to give a professional car wax?


To proceed with car waxing you need the following:

  • Clean and dry car;
  • Color matching wax bottle;
  • Wipe towel cloth towels;
  • Small sponge;

The main thing, or “secret”, as the experts call it, is to clean and wash your car properly. Keep in mind that dirt can cause big scratches that you do not want to appear in your car, right? It is a proven fact that automotive paint will last longer if you are going to wash, clean and polish your car once a week.
Use shampoo for specific car wash since non-automotive products are too hard. They will damage the paint and the finish of your car. Use warm water instead of cold water, as it works best to loosen contaminants. After your vehicle has been washed, use towel or suede towels, dry the car.

  • Useful tip: experts advise using an automatic squeegee for that. It will be much faster and easier.

    Check your vehicle. If you have noticed dirt, tar, bugs, etc. After washing, you can try to wash these areas again with a little more pressure. If it does not help, use special products for car details for that. These products are generally sold as aerosols. Remove all contaminants; Follow the instructions on the bottle and then rinse and dry.
    Experts recommend making a 3-step formula:

  • Cleaner wax For example: zymol liquid cleaning wax, meguiars cleaning wax, turtle wax
  • Polishing of cars. For example: enamel for cars klasse, polishing for cars with no finish, polish for cars for mothers, enamel for cars with liquid glass
  • High class carnauba wax. For example: carnauba wax from turtle wax.Apply the first step to soften any imperfections in the paint.
    Important:1: Avoid waxing your car in direct sunlight, park your car in the shade
    2: The car must be completely dry before startingIt is not necessary to use an expensive car wax: Turtle Wax or Zymol will do the job well. Apply the amount that is equal to one tablespoon or less. Wax in a circular motion clockwise, slowly. Make one panel at a time, there is no need to hurry. Let the cleaning wax dry. Polish with a clean towel cloth.

    Useful tip: experts recommend applying 2 coats to get better results.

    The 2nd step – Polishing of cars. Look for polymer polish for Teflon cars, as it will provide maximum protection and durability to your car. Apply the enamel in the same way as with the car wax: circular motions. Let it dry. Polish with a clean towel cloth. Most car polishes come in liquid form and will protect your car for up to a year or 50 to 60 brighteners.

    The third and last step. Apply high quality carnauba wax. Do the same thing you did with clean wax: circular movements, slowly, let it dry. Polish with a clean terry cloth or microfiber towels.

Useful tip: experts recommend applying 2 to 3 coats for best results.
note well Wash your towels and clothes for future waxing.

These 3 simple steps will give you the best protection and the best shine for your car. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how your car looks. Now you know how to give professional wax for a supreme finish. That’s how they get that beautiful, deep, shiny, automotive look! Yes, it is that simple!


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